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Welcome to Knightsbridge Dental Care.

Our general dental practice sits in the heart of Knightsbridge, with a reputation and heritage all of its own. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality, discreet, and personalised dental service for all our patients.

We cover all aspects of General Dentistry from routine fillings to cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. Our experienced, skilled and versatile team will cater for your every need.

With our gentle and understanding touch, we welcome families and nervous patients, holding your hand every step of the way to give you the care that you need.

Our appointment system is flexible and we work to your convenience, running early morning as well as late evening clinics.

We look forward to welcoming you to London’s best kept dental secret which has flourished over many decades by word of mouth and personal recommendation.

Knightsbridge Dental Care

A message from Knightsbridge Dental Care

Dear Patients, in line with the current government guidelines during the global Covid -19 Pandemic we are now currently only running an,"Urgent Dental Emergency Service". This means we are only able to offer a telephone consultation regarding your dental emergency and then decide whether you need to be seen. To get further advice please contact our front desk on 0207 581 1000 and we can guide you appropriately.

If you have a serious dental emergency and you have been self-isolating, and or exposed to anyone diagnosed with Covid-19, or with Covid-19 like symptoms then you must call NHS 111

They have set up an emergency dental service for patients who fall into this category.

We look forward to welcoming you all back soon when this has settled.


The Knightsbridge Dental Care Team