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Covid protocol

There is no doubt we are living through some challenging times and the Covid 19 pandemic changed the face our profession and our service provision immeasurably. 

We have recently relaxed our previous Covid protocol as the world slowly returns to the “new normal”. If you have a visit booked with us you can expect the following:

– A telephone call the day before to triage you and check you have no Covid or flu symptoms 

– We ask you to kindly carry out a lateral flow test if you have access to one prior to your visit with us. Most of our dental work involves generating aerosol, which means particles of virus and bacteria can get released into the air. Even though we mitigate against any transmission by our technical and mechanical means of ventilation; we still fall into a high risk category as a profession.

– If your test does come up as positive we ask you to kindly call and let us know, whereby we will re-book your appointment for you at a convenient date and time.

– If you do not have access to a Covid lateral flow test then we are able to provide them on site and the cost of this is £5.00  all you need to do is ask us.

– When you arrive you will be brought to our PPE station and then onwards to our waiting room which we have recently opened up. Please bear in mind we cannot have large numbers of patients sitting in our bespoke waiting room and we may space you out at our PPE station for a short while for your safety and security until your clinician is ready. This is so that large groups of patients are not congregated together. This is to protect you but also our more vulnerable patients. 

– We ask you to respectfully wear a mask on our premises in communal areas.

– You will likely be asked to fill out and sign a new medical history form if you haven’t filled one out recently with us. We appreciate that filling forms can be cumbersome, however it is vitally important that we have up to date medical information from you prior to any treatment or assessment. A patients health status can change at any point and often this can affect the types of treatments we are able to offer.

– You may be asked to fill out a survey form or leave us an honest review after your visit to us. We are always looking to improve and serve you better. 

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding

Knightsbridge Dental Care

A message from Knightsbridge Dental Care

We are open to care for your smiles , and our services are no longer affected by any Covid restrictions. We have resumed full service provision and would like to reassure you that we are doing everything we can still to keep you, our patients safe. You can find out more about our extra safety measures and what to expect from your visit, on our Covid protocol page. We are continuing to experience increased patient demand so please bear with as we try to accommodate you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your kindness and understanding.

The Knightsbridge Dental Care Team

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