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Nervous Patients

Nervous Patients

My nerves melted away with the support, the caring touch and professionalism I received, I felt in control again

At Knightsbridge Dental Care we understand that coming to the dentist and having treatment can be frightening for some patients. Looking after nervous patients is our forte; we have the patience, the understanding and the time to devote to you.

From the moment you walk in through the doors you will feel at ease.

  • Our reception area is like a warm living room where you can have a tea or coffee and take a few moments to relax.
  • Our team is friendly, supportive and understanding. You will never be judged no matter how terrified or phobic you think you are or how embarrassed you may feel about your current oral health.
  • Aromatherapy is widely used in the practice to soothe your senses before we even start a procedure.
  • Most of our patients overcome their fears and experience pain-free treatment whilst being fully conscious and in control.
  • Intra-venous and inhalation sedation is readily available where necessary to take away the worry of certain treatments. In this respect we are SAAD qualified and fully Care Quality Commission compliant. We also employ a team of highly qualified consultant Anesthetists to provide sedation for patients who have more complex medical problems.
  • We will do everything in our powers to bring you to a peaceful, relaxed and positive state of mind whilst achieving your dental goals.

So why choose anywhere else? Call us now to book your consultation appointment.

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